with Dipika Delmenico   
Ayurvedic Expert and Visionary Changemaker

As woman you want to be fluid, yielding, loving and full in all your seasons. 

When will you surrender to the inner battle you are engaged in with yourself?  It’s time to rise NOW as a deeply conscious woman and stop being deaf to your own wisdom.  

Are you ready to lead in love?

Leading in Love is a deep exploration of living a creatively rich and meaningful life. 

The simple structure and steps in this year-long program are sophisticated ancient intelligence for modern woman to embody unbounded zest for heart-centred living, living a life of wonder beyond the realm of reason. Leading the way as a renaissance woman rising.  

What a wild quest.

This program is leading into the unknown edge of yourself, to establish authentic embodied experience of your ultimate business, being you.

It’s about clarity, creativity and a life tingling with pulsing vibrancy.  

It’s tonic for transformation. 

You are guided in this deeply interactive, collaborative program to lead the way in love.  

Are you ready? 

Let’s begin…..

 As an Ayurvedic expert and visionary change maker, I’ve worked with thousands of women around the globe, just like you.

Women who are fatigued, battle scarred, confused, bound and rigid.

Women, who, in doing this work, have found their authentic voice and healing solutions to become an adaptive, heart-centred feminine leader. 

Dissolving the hard edges, softening into the warmth of being fully yourself.  

A leader the world is waiting for.

Holistic healing wisdom, bridging physical and spiritual science, leading the way forward in love.

This program is for a limited group of people committed to  deep exploration, guidance and collaboration to establish adaptive, loving leadership of self.   

Commencing in February, 2021, this transformative program is filling fast so book your discovery call to explore your participation.

This work is for women ready to rise to the wild quest of leading from love. 


Leading in Love is an advanced program for adaptive heart-centred leadership. It will support your conscious rise to live on the leading edge of  life, work, service and business. 

It’s bringing warmth, light and love in all aspects of living courageously, aligned with your soulful nature, connected to the nature of life, anchored in purpose, living in grace.


    Are you ready to become established in the conscious, authentic and radically accepting business of being you? To explore cohesive ways of living, receiving, serving that are aligned with your inherent nature and the nature of life itself.  

    It’s a powerful, penetrating and vibrant way to live, work, love, contribute, receive and lead.


      Are you yearning for conscious connection with a community who lead in love and create magic in life?  This is community willing to embrace vulnerability, deepen awareness, celebrate authenticity, diversity and share with generosity of spirit.


        Discover . . .  A renaissance and  exploration of ancient healing techniques and sophisticated approaches for intuitive solutions to life’s challenges problems.  This work is conscious creative alchemy.

        Collaborate . . .Interactive practices with your program participants in collaborative enrichment projects. By grand design these will create powerful shared experiences and connections.

        Share . . . what you learn about the business of being you.  Move forward as a heart centred leader that naturally inspires and engages others to rise in love.

          About the Program
          Begins February, 2021

          Leading In Love is a yearlong program, beginning February 2021.
          It includes:

          • Monthly live online group teaching calls, recorded if you cannot attend.  
          • Weekly Leading in Love conversation (exploration and coaching)
          • Daily Reflection Activations
          • Monthly themes
          • Collaborative project activities
          • Enrichment Activities.
          • Recommended reading and viewing.
          • Virtual retreat
          • and much, much more.

          Is this program suitable for you?  
          To see if this program is a fit for you, schedule a Discovery Call with me. In the call you can discuss where you are presently in life, what’s seeking to emerge from you, what are you wishing to transform and whatever is alive in your heart to be shared.

          Are you ready?

          Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic expert and visionary changemaker. For 25 years she’s worked with thousands of clients globally with Ayurveda healing wisdom and human-centred medicine.  She’s all about guiding you to live a wildly meaningful life of wonder and innocence beyond realm of reason.

          She’s the founder of Conscious Woman Rising, holistic practitioner mentorship trainings, heart-centred leadership courses and programs and the bestselling author of The Ayurvedic Woman.  

          Dipika works therapeutically with Sanskrit Mantra and Sacred Sound as the medicine of our future. Integrating and bridging physical and spiritual sciences for embodied healing potential, Dipika is in service to the renewal of ancient healing mysteries and healing the divine feminine in each of us and our planet.

          This is a precious opportunity to benefit from Dipika's vast and deep practical wisdom, as she infuses Ayurvedic healing wisdom with Anthroposophical medicine and decades of mantra practice into a potent brew for transformation on all levels of your being. Don't miss the chance to work personally with Dipika  in this intimate group practice setting.